Being Housewife of Your Own


Well, thinking of jobs, one may think that housewives are having the easiest job because they stay in the house and husbands go out – maybe the degree of hardness is measured based on the miles one go to work; but don’t ask! It is the hardest job because I have experienced it and I know it very well now.

Housewives manage the house, prepares food, and takes care of the family, though it looks simple than other complicated works men do for living outside the house (if listed gets longer than a housewife’s list of works) but let me explain the matter because I have been my own housewife for nearly three years, and also been a student besides that.

The main concern of being away from home is the food because according to one of my friend: “stomach matters”. Living in another country with different culture and traditions it is hard to find the sort of food one requires, and living in one of the most culturally diverse country of the world which is the incredible India it is not easy to find Afghani food, but it is easy to find spicy Biryanis which doubles the level of hotness in such a hot place of the world; so due to such circumstances in India, Afghan students cook Afghani food for themselves. Though another blessing for me in India is my Afghan friends who are my roomies, it is through them that turn by turn we cook food (only for lunch and dinner) for each other; but still cooking seems to be hard for a nonprofessional cook like me.

In the mornings everyone prepares their own breakfast separately due to the difference in times of waking up. So the problem of being my own housewife starts from the morning where I should prepare breakfast, wash the dishes used for eating the breakfast, manage the room, polish my shoes, iron my clothes, and lastly start to be transformed to a student for going to the university. After coming from university, if it is not my turn to cook food for lunch and dinner then I can relax, but if it is my turn then worrying starts. Though in other professional cook’s turn worrying starts only on cook’s side but during my turn of cooking, worrying starts by me and my friends. By me because I will be thinking and worrying about the whole process, and by my friends because they go through a cool process of decision making whether to stay at the room and eat the bland food cooked by me or go out to eat something delicious.

Getting in depth of the cooking process there are many complexities which requires a written book to be explained. Besides cooking food, being my own housewife I should do the laundries, but one thing I like about doing the laundries in India is the easy drying up of clothes under the +40° C sunlight. And as a matter of fact I have been the witness of 47° C temperature in India. Besides doing the laundries, sweeping the room and all other tasks should also be done by me as my own housewife.

Things I explained was in a general way, but getting into the sub-points of them there are many complexities. One of the complexities which I want to share is so funny because once while being my own housewife I bought mutton thinking it is the meat from the limb of a cow.

One more thing dear friends, learn how to be housewives of your own because by not learning, you will get in too much trouble in a long journey; like the famous tale. The tale states that there were two guys (the shipman and an educated man) sailing on a boat. While sailing the educated man asked the shipman whether he knew how to read or no? The shipman answered: “no, I can’t read” then the educated man said: “half of your life is ruined” Later on suddenly a hurricane struck the river, and now the shipman asks the educated man whether he knows how to swim or no? The educated man answers: “no I can’t” then the shipman says: “Your life is completely ruined”. So dear friends learn to be housewives of your own before starting a long journey alone because your whole journey will be spoiled only due to the matter that you did not know how to be your own housewife.

Though now, doing jobs have been easier through technology; am glad that I was not born decades before where being my own housewife could have been harder for me. But despite the hardships involved in being housewife of your own, still it is fun being housewife of your own after getting used to it.

Ending the post, I want to thank all housewives and mothers around the world for being patient and dedicated to their job, and also I want to thank all men around the world who have been their own housewives and dedicated to themselves.

Happy Mother’s Day.


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