Unfortunately the journey of storytelling ends


India, a country with unbelievable culture, have got an amazing way of examining the students by giving them exam papers containing 32 pages which should be filled in 3 hours, it may look very different and strange because that amount of pages cannot be filled by specific definitions or explanations, a student must write a story regarding the question or answer the questions based on the essay rules by writing a page of introduction, some pages of main body by explaining each points with figures, and finally some pages for concluding the answer.

Suppose if in examinations of Afghanistan a student is asked to write a way of killing a rat, then the answer might be a line:

“For killing a rat the rat poison should be used”

But in amazing India, the situation is different. Because here the student must write an introduction, main body, and the conclusion, maybe like:

“Introduction: rat is a large long-tailed rodent which is usually found in old houses, and shops…

Main body: for killing a rat, the killer should go to a shop and buy a packet of rat poison. He can use either auto rickshaw or any other vehicle to transport that rat poison, and the rat poison should be stored out of the reach of children so that the rat poison should not cause killing a child. Finally, when the rat poison is at home then it should be spread around the endangered area.

Conclusion: rat poison is the most significant way of killing a mouse…”

I remember that one friend of mine had filled the 32 pages with some lines of numerical in Business Mathematics by writing each number and symbol in one page, he was a genius because he filled 32 pages by writing some lines of numerical on it. Situations can severely affect one and it can be seen in this case.

Though for me writing 32 pages was entertaining and easy, but some of my friends were getting stuck in 20th page because of their writing speed and not knowing the methods of telling a story.

Three years of BBA course have been an enriching experience for me, I have made many friends, and learned a great deal of management.

Graduated friends, don’t hejitate because you will be vijiting your country finally. You all just take your degrees and go! Just take it and go – the Indian style of “don’t hesitate because you will be visiting your country finally.”

While talking about doing M.A. after getting our degrees, some friends tell that “I won’t do my M.A. this fast because Afghanistan needs me, I should get back there and serve my country.” Am glad that the young generations of Afghanistan thinks of education as a tool for development of the country, and hopefully we graduates will be playing a significant role in development of our country. I wish my friends and Afghan youngsters best of luck in serving their country through dedication and hard work.


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