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2014, Another Year of Opportunities for Afghanistan


It is in the human nature that humans like to live in a safe and secure place where they can be able to live, work, raise their children, and have fun. Unfortunately Afghanistan has not been the safe and secure place for its citizens for many decades, though there has been much progress after the collapse of Taliban’s regime but still the government of Afghanistan could have done better than this by utilizing from the precious opportunities efficiently.

Here in India, when I and my friends from different provinces of Afghanistan talk about our collective trips to different cities of India, we also talk about how much fun and joy we could have, if our country would have been safe for travelling too. We talk about travelling to Kandahar province and enjoying the delicious pomegranate of Kandahar; Ghazni province and enjoying the tasty mulberries of Sangmasha plus a dive in Sangmasha river; Bamiyan province and visiting the site of Buddha statues plus visiting Band-e-Amir; and visiting all other beautiful provinces of Afghanistan. I hope 2014 would be the start of a developed and secure Afghanistan where I and my friends could be able to travel to different beautiful provinces of Afghanistan.

In 2014 Afghanistan will face political, security and economic transition. Destiny of Afghans depend on the upcoming election where Afghans select their new leader. Though I have the right to vote, but unfortunately I will be in India during the elections. I hope Afghans make the right choice in choosing their new president – a president who will shape the destiny of Afghanistan in upcoming crucial years. The destiny which has got great road-blocks like terrorism and corruption through the way.

This year during my two months stay in Kabul I saw many of my friends who had just graduated from different universities and were searching for jobs. Some of them had gave up because they believed that the government does not provide new job opportunities for the thousands of new graduates so how can they find a job if there is no job vacancies, some of them had got temporary jobs in Independent Election Commission and some of them had risked starting their own business. I believe that job-related problems will increase due to closing of international institutions but still I am optimist about its solution by the help of the new administration which will succeed Hamid Karzai.

I am happy that 2014 will be a great year for me and my family because I will be getting a Bachelor’s degree.

I hope a peaceful political transition for my country in 2014 where a new administration will be selected – the administration which will be responsible for providing security, fighting against corruption, solving job-related problems, and providing all other services for welfare of the society. And I hope 2014 would be a charming year where people in my country and all around the world could be able to live peacefully.  

Happy New Year.