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A Vote for Denial of Extremism


In previous decade after the rule of democratic government in Afghanistan, there has been vast development in different areas. Many Afghans have gained what they had dreamed of, but as whole Afghans dreamed of a peaceful Afghanistan which is yet not realized, and the realization of this dream wholly depends on the new patriot Afghan cabinet which will be formed after the coming presidential election.

I am pleased of appearance of long queues of my fellow citizens outside voting registration centres; with such enthusiasm I am sure that they have got the idea of voting a presidential hopeful who can better serve the country and the nation, and they have got that for fighting against extremism, and for shaping their destiny they have to vote. Such appearance in such insecurity and instability where Afghans had been watching many others getting killed by suicide attacks in voting registration centres, should be honored and appreciated.

The achievements of previous decade through hardship and sacrifice of millions of Afghans depends on the presidential election which will be held on 5th April 2014. Following the recent attacks in Afghanistan, Afghans have been more sensitive regarding the effect their vote can bring in lives of millions of other Afghans. I am sure that amid of Taliban threats Afghans will vote on Saturday for a presidential hopeful who can fulfill their dreams of having a peaceful, stable, and developed Afghanistan.

I, as many other Afghans do not give importance to the person who will be the next president of the country, but we care for what will be the outcomes of selection of the new president. I hope the outcomes are satisfactory and I hope it leads to a peaceful and developed Afghanistan.


May peace be in Afghanistan!