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Youth’s strength bringing a great start for 2014 in Afghanistan


The future of every nation depends on its youth. The youth of a country can be the cause of destruction, and they can also be the cause of honors and development, the only thing they need is a change of ideas through understanding that a pen is better than a gun. I am happy that after the fall of Taliban regime most of Afghans have understood that a pen is better than a gun.

The people of Afghanistan have got high expectations from the youth of the country in 2014 and coming years. Mostly in 2014 which is the start of a new transition. The young soldiers of the country are expected to bring peace and security, the young officials and policymakers are expected to select and implement efficient policies for development of the country, and the young sportsmen and athletes are expected to make the country proud through bringing awards and performing well against the opponent.

2014 is not seen as a stable a peaceful year through the eyes of many Afghans due to the transitions which are going to take place, but I hope that these hopeless countrymen will take the victory of our youth by receiving the FIFA Fair Play Award 2013 as a good omen for the coming years.

Thanks from the football team of Afghanistan who brought the award for the country through their hard-work and excellence in a crucial moment of the year. This award means a lot for the people of my country, through which they become hopeful about their future and their war-ravaged country’s future.